A Japanese Technique To Relax In 5 Minutes

A Japanese method to relax in five minutes every day you are stressed about too many things : work,relationship,family bills, other people's opinions, so a certain amount of stress is normal and even necessary but excessive stress can take a toll on your life and health, you're not gonna believe what I'm about to tell you next. 

you can get rid of stress in no time at all, all you need to cope with anxiety and headache is just one method a unique ancient Japanese technique it takes less than five minutes and can be done about anywhere.to practice the technique you should first understand that each finger of your hand represents a different feeling or attitude, let's see exactly what.

here's your hand : thumb, index, middle, ring and pinky
the thumb helps combat emotions like anxiety and worry.
the index can help you combat fear.
the middle finger helps you control anger and resentment. the ring finger can help you fight depression and sadness also it's responsible for making you more decisive and the pinkie helps to calm anxiety and increases optimism and confidence, this finger represents self-esteem.
let's repeat it again : thumb : anxiety / index : fear /
middle : anger / ring : sadness / pinky : self-esteem.

keep repeating it till you remember it, now let's see how this unusual method works to harmonize the life energy in the body.

grasp the finger with the opposite hand wrapping all the fingers and thumb around it, now hold each finger for one to two minutes you will know it's working when you feel a pulsating sensation.

if you want to calm your mind slightly press in the center of with the thumb of the opposite hand and hold it for at least one minute it will help you relieve stress and get rid of negative thoughts and get peace of mind in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

remember that there are many other ways to cope with stress : exercise, yoga ,massage, meeting friends, good music and others, however this Japanese technique is one of the best methods to revive yourself quickly, this method absolutely works wonders for everyone regardless of age and gender. have you already tried it ?
how did it work for you ?
share your thoughts in the comments below we're really interested in them.

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